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TLC-WEB00R FREE On Demand Recorded Webinar 1.5 Hr. Overview of Reading with TLC's Lively Letters & Sight Words You Can See 18.8.8

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Recorded Webinar - 1.5 Hour Overview of Reading with TLC's Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See programs. Learn how to get quick, dramatic gains and close achievement gaps in phonemic awareness and phonics with proven strategies that are as fun as they are powerful!- Offers 1.5 continuing education hours for all and 1.5 Certification Maintenance Hour (CMHs) for SLPs. CMHs are accept by ASHA. After selecting this webinar (within two business days) you will receive an email with links to the recording, the handout, the survey/evaluation, and instructions for earning your certificate of attendance. This popular informational webinar is presented by Reading with TLC's co-founding directors, and authors of the Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See programs.  This engaging webinar offers an overview of the popular strategies that have consistently been yielding dramatic gains with early readers and struggling readers of all ages since 1990. Learn how to use mouth cues, hand cues, imagery, music, animated stories, and mnemonics to quickly teach  letter sounds, the critical skills for decoding and encoding words, and phoonetically irregular sight words for improved reading and spelling.  The presenters will touch upon some of the current research and the clinical studies that support the use of these programs. Those who watch the webinar and complete a brief evaluation survey will receive certificates of attendance for 1.5 credit hours. Certificates for on demand courses are sent out on a monthly basis. A general certificate of attendance will be awarded and SLPs will also receive a certificate that can also be used towards Continuing Maintenance Hours (CMHs) for those maintaining their ASHA certification. Certification maintenance hours are accepted by ASHA.

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