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TLC-WEB180519 Training of the TLC Trainers Live Webinar - Sat., May 19, 10:30am-4:30pm and Sun., May 20, 10:30am-6:00pm EST

SKU: $195.00
11.5 cont. ed. hours. ( 11.5 CMHs (Certification Maintenance Hours) for SLPs. Includes materials. If you have attended a Reading with TLC full training seminar or webinar, have implemented the Lively Letters program, and are passionate about sharing these successful strategies with colleagues, you qualify for this Training of the Trainers (TOT) webinar. This workshop will license, equip, and train you for presenting official Reading with TLC seminars to colleagues you work with (for no training fee) as a TLC Team Trainer. Soon after registering for this training you will be emailed a TLC Team Trainer contract. By submitting a signed copy of that contract at least 14 days prior to the training date, you will be certain to receive (in time for the webinar) the generous bundle of training materials. This will include all necessary PowerPoint presentations, presenter notes, handouts, videos,songs, and documents, plus an extra set of Lively Letters cards for demonstrations. Those registering and submitting contracts later than 14 days prior risk not receiving their materials in time for the training. After attending this webinar and presenting several free trainings to colleagues at your school district or professional organization as a TLC Team Trainer, you may choose to apply to become a TLC National Trainer. If accepted, this elite, advanced status would qualify you to present seminars for anyone, anywhere you desire, charging fees for your presentation services. You could book your own trainings or ask TLC to book them for you at seminars and conferences locally, nationally, or internationally. (Those who do not currently work in a school system or professional organization should contact Reading with TLC about options for practicing as a TLC Team Trainer.) For this Training of the Trainers (TOT) webinar, you will first attend the 5-hour day of training, learning key strategies for presenting our program and picking up important tips for making your Reading with TLC Lively Letters seminars as dynamic and effective as possible. Following that day, you will participate in the second half of the TOT process, attending a full 6.5 hour training with the eyes of a presenter, following along in your binder of presenter notes. We will occasionally offer free, brief follow-up webinars for our TLC Team Trainers to answer questions and concerns and keep you updated with new seminar features and presentations. All who participate will receive a certificate of attendance for 11.5 cont. ed. hours. If the full training following the 5-hour day specifically for TLC Team Trainers is taking place in one 6.5-hour day, SLPs can receive .65 ASHA CEUs and a certificate for 5 cont. ed. hours. If the full training following the 5-hour day specifically for TLC Team Trainers is NOT taking place in one 6.5-hour day (meaning it's being split over 2 days), SLPs will receive 11.5 CMHs (Certification Maintenance Hours). Although CMHs are not CEUs that would automatically be registered with ASHA, one needs only to log the 11.5 hours and keep the certificate in a safe place, only submitting it to ASHA if audited. ASHA does accept these CHMs towards certification. If you have any questions about this training, please contact Reading with TLC at 781-331-7412 or

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