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TLC-PR07 - Let's Practice Reading with TLC Reproducible Workbook

SKU: TLC-PR07 $58.99
These games and pencil and paper activities reinforce many of the important TLC techniques. This popular (reproducible) 8.5" x 11" workbook is a must for educators and clinicians who want to provide paper and pencil practice to strengthen skills in the areas of phonemic awareness, letter sound associations, phonetic decoding (reading), and phonetic encoding (spelling). After first practicing learned skills with lower level manipulative materials, such as the letter picture cards and plain letter tiles, students need to transfer their phonetic skills to reading and spelling activities to work with pen and paper. This 161-page workbook provides entertaining and motivating activities that strengthen skills, following the scope and sequence of the Reading with TLC program. It includes activities to practice the Lively Letters skills and techniques, from the isolated sound level to multisyllable words, then progresses to practicing Sight Words You Can See. Unlike typical workbooks, many of the worksheets feature a game format where students work with the guidance of their instructors. Some of the activities may be used as homework assignments forextra review of skills and techniques practiced in school. All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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