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TLC-PR03BP - Lively Letters Basic Set for Parents

SKU: TLC-PR03BP $94.99
The Lively Letters cards feature colorful pictures embedded into the letters, linking mouth movements, the letter shape, and the letter sound. The explicit, easy-to-follow directions in the Parents' Guide ensure an enjoyable experience for parents and children alike! Since 1990, teachers, speech pathologists, tutors, and special educators have been using the Lively Letters to train letter sounds, phonemic awareness, and phonics, having dramatically successful results. Responding to the parents who have been asking for a version that they, too, could use at home, Reading with TLC has finally come out with a guide made just for parents. The 70 pages of simple directions, giving strategies that have been proven to be very effective with children who are just learning to read, as well as those with reading difficulties. This basic set can be used to teach a child to read for the first time, or to support a student who is already learning to read by giving them more practice with the lively characters they love, all in the comfortable setting of home! All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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