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TLC-PR10 Lively Letters Mini Picture Cards

SKU: TLC-PR10 $8.99
These sturdy, coated cards feature all 47 of the Lively Letters characters in one inch size. Each of the brilliantly colored letter characters is printed with its partner sound(s), following the organization outlined in the program manual. This supplemental product can be used as a visual aid by placing the entire sheet (or a cut-out section of a group of letter characters) right onto the instruction table or students' desks as a guide while working with plain letters. The most common use, though, is to cut the sheets into mini-sized letter picture cards and use them in tracking activities by students who are ready to work with smaller sized manipulatives, but not necessarily ready for the use of plain letter tiles (without the mnemonic cues). Teachers often apply magnetic tape to the backs of the mini letter cards for use in tracking activities on magnetic surfaces, such as cookie sheets or small magnetic boards. All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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