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TLC-PR15 - TLC Phonics Dot Games Reproducible Workbook

SKU: TLC-PR15 $43.99
This reproducible book contains 150 pages of practice for students in grades K through high school. These motivating games develop automaticity with isolated letters and letter patterns, as well as reading and spelling of real and nonsense words, including word families and sight words. In this book, letters and words have been placed within the dot game spaces so that students can have fun playing the dot game while gaining valuable practice in reading and spelling tasks. Students begin playing the dot game by connecting two adjacent dots, drawing a line either vertically or horizontally. The players continue connecting pairs of dots until a player connects the two dots that build the fourth side of a small square or box. That player then places his or her initial in that box, but only after performing the required task embedded in that space. The player then takes another turn, performing a task and writing an initial if another box is created. Many times several boxes in a row are formed by a student, giving him or her practice at reading (or spelling) several words in succession. Because students start out by just "playing the game," they are happy to perform the tasks, as it means that they are winning boxes. The person with the most initialed boxes at the end of the game wins. The focus for the students is on the fun of playing the game, and because each small academic task is being immediately rewarded, students are highly motivated to practice their reading and spelling skills with these games. The games can be played with a teacher and one or several students, or among several students in a small group setting. Skills addressed in this game include identifying upper and lower case letter sounds and names with plain letters as well as Lively Letters pictures, reading and spelling real and nonsense single syllable words from CVC to CCCVCCC and multisyllable words, as well as word families and sight words, including the phonetically irregular sight words of Sight Words You Can See. As well as complete directions for playing the dot game, the book offers alternate ways to use this product for important automaticity practice, including reproducing the pages of words as lists, and cutting the reproducible game sheets into flash cards for phonics practice. What a simple, fun way for students (and teachers) to practice critical skills for reading and spelling. All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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