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TLC-PR19 - TLC Word Cards - Set 1

SKU: TLC-PR19 $28.99
With this product, students can develop automaticity at the single word level in order to improve reading fluency skills. Here is the answer for those tired of creating word lists and hand-printing flash cards to practice decoding at the single word level, as well as those having trouble finding flash card sets that also include some nonsense words for pure phonics practice. This product contains 1200 monosyllabic real and nonsense words printed on colored card stock, to be cut and sorted for use in practicing word decoding skills. TLC Word Cards - Set I provides words containing the five short vowel sounds and silent "e" at the CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) level, as well as at the CCVC and CVCC word length levels. Organized from easy to more difficult, it is simple to locate the words that contain the phonics concepts your students need practice with at the appropriate word length level. Cut, sort, and store them for use according to the directions on the enclosed 4-page pamphlet. The pamphlet explains how to choose various types of words to contrast and drill confusing phonetic concepts and to eliminate errors, increasing accuracy, speed, and fluency at the single word level. For the busy Lively Letters instructor, this product will save hours of preparation time, while providing the missing material link between manipulative tracking activities and work at the sentence and book levels. All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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