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TLC-WEB180124 Executive Function Difficulties: What Do They Look Like in the Classroom and How Can We Help?Live / Recorded Webinar Jan. 24 2018 6:30-8:30pm EST

SKU: $30.00
This live webinar is presented by nationally recognized speaker, Sally Grimes. Sally's impressive bio is listed below. Within one week of purchasing this webinar, you will receive an email from with the Go To Webinar link, the handout, and instructions for earning your certificate of attendance. Title: Executive Function Difficulties – What Do They Look Like in the Classroom and How Can We Help? Live & Recorded Webinar Jan. 24 2018 6:30-8:30pm EST Do you know these kids? They have messy backpacks. Their desks are filled with crumpled papers and broken pencils. They seem disorganized. Often they have trouble starting or finishing tasks. They may have difficulty socially with their peers. They forget and lose things. They have trouble planning. They may seem disengaged or lazy. They have trouble following directions They have learning differences or attention issues. This workshop will address the main characteristics of Executive Function difficulties based on the best practices being used and what neuroscience is finding out. How do these difficulties affect schoolwork, homework, social-emotional development and how can they be specifically addressed? The presenter will provide the “nuts and bolts” of recognizing and assisting EF issues such as planning, organizing, prioritizing, attention and cognitive functions. The presenter’s decades of experience in the fields of Learning Disabilities, Literacy and Language, and Social-Emotional Development provide the backdrop to this workshop. Practical strategies and current issues will be addressed and resources will be provided and several short videos will be used to clarify this area of intervention. Resources will be provided as well as exposure to currently available curriculum ideas. This workshop will focus on Pre K-Grade 5, but the concepts, resources and methodologies can be easily applied to students through Grade 12. 2 Cont. Ed. Hrs will be awarded to all who complete the webinar and SLPs can receive Certification Maintenance Hours (CMHs)which are accepted by ASHA. These are not the kind of CEUs that go into the SLP's ASHA registry. More info on CMHs can be obtained from the ASHA website. About the presenter: Sally Grimes has provided consulting and professional development and graduate courses in the areas of Language and Literacy and Learning Disabilities for teachers and administrators Pre K-Grade 4 for 18 years. Prior to that, Sally’s experience includes serving as Landmark School’s first Admissions Director, performing clinical evaluations, serving on her local school board, teaching Pre K-3 Special Education classes and working with Mexican Americans in Texas and Illinois. Sally has served on the Governor’s Commission on School Readiness and on the Massachusetts Literacy Planning Team. Recently, Sally was chosen to be a trainer of trainers for the Dual Language Learner Initiative for 2-5 year olds that the state recently launched. Sally is also an approved Trainer of Trainers for the State’s new standards for Social-Emotional Learning and Approaches to Play and Learning.

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