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TLC-WEB0170815R Recorded On Demand Reading with TLC Condensed Lively Letters Full Training Webinar

SKU: $75.00
Reading with TLC 6.5 hour Condensed Lively Letters Full Training Recorded Webinar The recording will be available for viewing whenever it's convenient, and for as many times as desired, for three months. Each recording purchased is for one person's viewing except when purchasing the package for 25 or more. Groups of 5 or more attendees watching together as a group qualify for discounted rates & cont. ed. hrs. (or CMHs for SLPs). Groups of 5-24 attendees get 20& discount, paying $60 per attendee. Groups of 25 - 300 attendees pay a flat rate total fee of $1440 for the group. The discounted price breaks for groups will apply upon ordering. Groups of 5 or more can qualify for continuing ed. hrs./CHMs if one registrant acts as administrator and proctor while watching the webinar as a group. The person who places the order for group rates may also email the recording link that will be sent via email to each participant in the group. Groups of less than 5 may still purchase and benefit from the recorded version of this training, but would need to attend a live training to receive a certificate of attendance. Within two business days of purchasing, you will receive an email with the recording link, handouts, and information for the groups of five or more who are using a proctor to receive credit for the training. Learn how to implement the Lively Letters and Sight Words You Can See programs at your leisure! Watch as the authors, Penny Castagnozzi and Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP, walk you through all of the strategies from these Reading with TLC programs. Lectures, videos, and even practice sessions are included in this dynamic and engaging training. Lively Letters uses colorful characters embedded into letters, hand and body cues, music, comical stories, and imagery to simultaneously train phonemic awareness, speech, and phonics. Sight Words You Can See trains phonetically irregular sight words. Both programs are as powerful as they are fun! - MATERIALS: No materials purchase is required to purchase and benefit from, the Lively Letters training, but in order to implement the program, it would be necessary to purchase at least the Lively Letters Basic Set, which includes the boxed set of Lively Letters cards and the instruction manual. To view the materials in more depth you can go to "Products” and "Online Store."

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