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TLC-PR04 - Lively Letters Classroom Sized Cards

SKU: TLC-PR04 $78.99
Teachers enjoy using them in classroom tracking activities, manipulating the letter cards in word building tasks to improve phonemic awareness and phonics skills. This popular product enhances regular education teachers and support staff members the ability to provide team-based preventive and remedial instruction for all students in large group settings, while promoting daily carryover for students who need it within their classrooms. The classroom sized Lively Letters cards are 8.5" x 11" and are color printed on sturdy, coated card stock. These larger cards are ideal for use with the whole classroom and with large groups of students. The teacher displays them to the students while introducing the letter sounds, and then students have fun using them in dynamic, manipulative phonemic awareness and phonics activities that are described in the instruction manual (sold separately). Between sessions of direct classroom instruction, the cards can be hung temporarily in the classroom as visual aids for those students who need that support. Some teachers adhere magnetic tape onto the backs of these cards for classroom tracking activities on large magnetic surfaces. To view a short video of a K-classroom using this product use this link: All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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