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TLC-SEM170426 Training of the TLC Trainers -April 26-27 2017 Sturbridge, MA (11.5 hrs.)

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Sturbridge Host Hotel Sturbridge, MA Registration begins at 8:00 AM and the seminar runs from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM on day 1, and 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM on day 2, with a 1 hour lunch break each day. The seminar fee includes all presentation materials (including several PowerPoint presentations, training, and the license to train colleagues as a TLC Team Trainer. Participants will receive a certificate for 11.5 cont. ed. hours or (for SLPs) 5 cont. ed. hours and .65 ASHA CEUs. As a TLC Team Trainer, you are allowed to train colleagues in the TLC approach, as long as you are not charging an extra fee for those services. After being a TLC Team Trainer and gaining experience and confidence in presenting the TLC program, you can apply to become a TLC National Trainer to then be licensed to charge a presentation fee for the trainings and to be eligible to present TLC-sponsored seminars and conference sessions. The hotel offers shuttle service to and from the train station. On the first day, you will receive training on how to be an effective TLC trainer, including seminar pacing, crowd control, answering questions, and providing engaging, interactive experiences for your audiences. This first day also includes technical instruction on use of the Trainer flash drives, inserting videos, and use of online document sharing to keep you up to date on recent edits to presentations. We will walk you through the two-day PowerPoint presentation, while you take notes in your Presenters Notes binder. We will also review some of the other presentations that Reading with TLC provide (Condensed version, Preschool version, Overviews,…). After participating in that first day of training with us, you will attend the next day of training, which will be an official 6.5 hour, full training that we are presenting to the public. This time you will be attending our full training and watching through the eyes of a presenter. As a participant in the Training of the TLC Trainers workshop, you will be given an extensive package of copy-written training materials, as well as access to PowerPoint presentation files, handouts, song files, video files, a training video of the two authors presenting the workshop, and all other essential trainer documents to be used to provide training in the Reading with TLC program. There are two levels of trainers. Most begin as a TLC Team Trainer, with the opportunity to work towards becoming a TLC National Trainer. As a TLC Team Trainer, you are licensed and granted permission to begin using these materials to train others but are not yet allowed to charge attendance fees or hosting fees (outside of your salary if presenting to your place of work). This can be done by presenting seminars within your place of employment to those working in your school, district, or organization. Those who are self-employed or retired and do not work for a school district or company may obtain experience by offering some complimentary trainings to educators in their professional communities. Many TLC Team Trainers are happy to remain at this level of licensure, however some are very interested in becoming TLC National Trainers. After gaining experience presenting the Reading with TLC program to colleagues within their own school districts and organizations or as free seminars to educators in their communities, TLC Team Trainers may later choose to apply to become TLC National Trainers. Some of our Team Trainers have taken several years to earn the status of becoming a National Trainers, while a few have quickly progressed to this level based on their years of experience implementing the program and their experience as a professional trainer. If interested in becoming a National Trainer, the Team Trainer would contact Reading with TLC and the application process would begin. After a review of skills and experience, discussions about the trainings that have been presented, and observations of a live or recorded seminar presented by the Team Trainer, a decision will be made as to whether he or she can progress to becoming a National Trainer. On occasion, the TLC co-directors will directly ask a Team Trainer to consider becoming a National Trainer, based on their skill and experience set. Those selected as TLC National Trainers will be granted the license to use the TLC training materials (PowerPoints, handouts, videos, etc.) to present Reading with TLC seminars for financial compensation, and outside of their current place of employment, with further conditions to be outlined at the time of such licensure. Essentially the National Trainers can be hired by Reading with TLC to present seminars hosted by or contracted by Reading with TLC. In addition the National Trainer can schedule, market, and host his or her own TLC seminars. If hired by Reading with TLC the pay scale will be commensurate with the National Trainer’s level of experience delivering seminars as a National Trainer. If the National Trainer books his or own seminar (either at an independent conference center/hotel as an off-site seminar or with a school district as an on-site seminar), and obtains sufficient funds to make a profit for the seminar, a small licensing fee of $125 is paid to Reading with TLC for each day of the training, and all other proceeds are retained by the National Trainer. Please contact us with any questions you have about becoming a trainer. You can reach us at 781-812-0398 or at 781-331-7412. You can also email us at