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TLC-PR13 - Lively Letters Five-Pack Phonics Posters

SKU: TLC-PR13 $29.00
The Lively Letters Five-Pack Phonics Posters give students the opportunity to be reminded of some of the more difficult phonics concepts and strategies that they have learned using Lively Letters. Classroom teachers and those working as support staff appreciate being able to hang the colorful 18" by 24" colorful posters in their rooms so that students can refer to the helpful cues throughout the day. The illustrations include the following: The Vowels - The five vowel "superstars" exiting a limousine The Vowel Path- Large picture of the Lively Letters vowel path for vowel combinations following the "2 vowels going walking" rule King Ed - "Looking for King Ed" phrase with a large picture of a magnifying glass focused on King Ed Hard/soft C - Large picture of the sharp rock/flat tire picture cue for hard and soft 'c' b/d/ confusion strategy - Large picture of the "bat" and "drum" b/d confusion strategy from the Lively Letters program