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TLC-PR05A - Lively Letters Hand & Mouth Cue Photo Cards

SKU: TLC-PR01A $45.99
Take advantage of our introductory sale! Printed on sturdy card stock, the 48 colored photo cards depict the hand and mouth cues from the Lively Letters program. Each photograph depicts, in Lively style, the hand and mouth cue for the associated letter sound as described in the Lively Letters program manual and trainings. Use the cards when initially introducing the letter sounds and when reviewing with students. There are also multiple uses of this versatile product. Pair them with the Lively Letters picture cards or plain letter cards to play the Match Game. Spell out words using the photo cards and have your student try to decode the words based upon the hand and mouth card photos. We're sure you'll come up with additional fun ideas and instructional uses for this new product! All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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