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TLC-PR23 - Wedding Time for Emmie and Jake

SKU: TLC-PR23 $12.00
This book is filled with endearing paintings of two adorable hippopotamuses who are frantically preparing for their midnight wedding. Depending on how the book is used, it can not only be an entertaining story, but also an excellent educational tool. Students will develop their abilities to count forward (by asking what hour will come next), counting backwards, (by having students predict the next number in the countdown), subtraction (by asking students to determine how many hours are left before the midnight wedding), and rhyme (by letting students complete the rhyming sentences). There is also an informative article on real hippos at the end of the book, with comprehension questions and activities to monitor how well students understood the story. Learning has never been so entertaining! Orders shipped within U.S. are typically received within 2-3 weeks.