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TLC-PR01 - Lively Letters Basic Set

SKU: TLC-PR01 $122.99
The Lively Letters cards feature colorful pictures embedded into the letters, linking mouth movements, the letter shape, and the letter sound. The explicit directions in the instruction manual ensure an enjoyable experience for teachers and students, alike! This starter set includes a box of forty-seven 4" x 4.5" sized Lively Letters letter picture cards and the Lively Letters Instruction Manual. The revised (2007) instruction manual provides clear, step-by-step instructions on implementing the Lively Letters program, now in a more complete, easier-to-read format. The manual contains highly effective, research-based strategies for teaching letter/sounds, improving phonemic awareness, and building phonics skills. This 200-page book includes proven techniques for using the Lively Letters cards in manipulative activities, strategies for progressing to higher leveled reading and spelling tasks, and pages of useful word lists, charts, and engaging lesson ideas for individualized, small group, and classroom settings. It also offers the reproducible dialogue boxes that can be adhered to the backs of the Lively Letters cards for ease in introducing the Lively Letters characters. The vibrantly colored flashcards are made of sturdy card stock, and are coated for durability. Each card depicts one (or a combination of) Lively Letters character(s) embedded into a picture, representing one of the corresponding forty-four sounds of the English language. Students actively manipulate the cards in blending and segmenting activities to build phonemic awareness and phonics skills. All materials will be shipped within 3 business days.

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